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Elazar Larry Friefeld

Born 1941 in NYC, Elazar Larry Freifeld’s poems and stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies throughout the world. Since first publishing in 1965, he has had 22 books published, notably The Importance of Swimming, Television Analogs, Love Cycles, A Jew in the House of Harvard and Poet's Guide to the Holy Land. Elazar’s poems have beenTranslated into eight languages, including Hebrew, French, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. During the Scud War he wrote a weekly column for The Jerusalem Post, City Lights edition.

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Lonnie Monka

Lonnie is a poet, curator, and academic researcher. He founded Jerusalism, and edits Halah magazine. He is interested in the meeting of the literary and art worlds, and is currently researching performance poetry as a PhD student at Hebrew University. Check out some of Lonnie's creative work:


Written in English.