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A Toast
by Orly Portal and Shoshana Sarah
July 17, 2024

My heart is beating, pounding hard. In the space between me and myself, I am left. My feminine soul revived.

Everything Has Changed & Nothing Has Changed
by Josh Friedlander
March 27, 2024

Josh Friedlander shares thoughts that respond to the ongoing short story series being written by Haim Watzman…

<strong>Because in the End We Arrive at the Beginning</strong>
by Moshe Lapin
December 8, 2022

I am writing here, now, reflecting on what was there, then, with the hope of furthering that experiment by recording my experience and sharing it with you.

Writing in Jerusalem: On Living a Jewish Literary Life
by David Stromberg
September 29, 2021

[Jerusalem is] the only place I’ve lived where my contact with other writers, artists, and journalists naturally crosses back and forth from professional to mundane matters.

Mole Rat
by Meir Shalev and Joanna Chen
June 21, 2021

“The mole rat is a reclusive creature that disapproves of all other beings and particularly abhors its own kind.”

Stop talking about words
by Gali-Dana Singer and Liza Michaeli
June 6, 2021

“stop talking about words / talk with words / contentedly / sufficiently / fully”

by David Stromberg
May 23, 2021

“These circumstances led to all kinds of horror stories – one of which I’ll share today.”

Delicate as a Photon Shower
by Abraham Kritzman and Lonnie Monka
April 30, 2018

“This is the moment, this is exactly the moment that the sun can touch – to meet a body inside a house, inside a bathroom, a place where people become most human.”