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this gesture of not naming
by Hadassa Tal and Joanna Chen
December 2, 2022

grief gripping my temple like a loaded gun

Meeting in the Same Darkness
by Ruth Netzer and Gili Haimovich
October 30, 2022

“So what if me\you / Are\aren’t wonderful poets / Eventually we’ll all meet / In the same darkness”

I Am Going to Visit
by Roy Caspi and Nathanel Stawski
October 16, 2022

“…my apartment is full of tables; I have at my disposal a table in the bedroom, in the living room and on the balcony; the more tables, the more sorcery.”

Contemporary Religious Poetry
by Elhanan Nir, Ross Weissman, Itamar Landau.
October 2, 2022

10 Poems by Elhanan Nir (translated by Ross Weissman & Itamar Landau) Reb Hillel Zeitlin was Revealed to Me When doubts come to a…

Four Poems by Maya Tevet Dayan
by Maya Tevet Dayan and Jane Medved
June 26, 2022

In the middle of this, I also left behind / my mother, forty-six years old, / still menstruating, still falling in love, / her long hair gathered in a sloppy hair pin, / making family dinners

Intergenerational Mizrahi Songs
by Shlomi Hatuka and Sarah Sassoon
January 31, 2022

“Ars Poetica was for the release of Mizrahi anger, on the cutting edge, about speaking back. Poetry wasn’t ten people in a library anymore. Ars Poetica was built on Facebook, it was like a stadium.”

5 Poems by Hedva Harechavi
by Hedva Harechavi and Linda Stern Zisquit
August 1, 2021

All in all I’m a worn-out dog living between volcanic mountains / that God created for her, circling in silence / after nothing but to talk to talk to talk to talk …

Mole Rat
by Meir Shalev and Joanna Chen
June 21, 2021

“The mole rat is a reclusive creature that disapproves of all other beings and particularly abhors its own kind.”

Stop talking about words
by Gali-Dana Singer and Liza Michaeli
June 6, 2021

“stop talking about words / talk with words / contentedly / sufficiently / fully”

5 Poems by Susan Afterman
by Susan Afterman and Linda Stern Zisquit
May 9, 2021

“Also my mother and also me / it turns out / were pregnant // and we miscarried on the same day”

Dirty Laundry
by Anat Hinkis-Atzmon and Omer Berkman
April 27, 2021

“I would have given anything to save him. You, I can’t save.”

HaShoah thru Poetry
by Mindy Aber Barad, Helen Bar-Lev, Joanna Chen, Micha Danziger, Wendy Dickstein, Sari Ellen, Judith Fineberg, Larry Lefkowitz, Diti Ronen, Jacqueline Schaalje, Yael Unterman.
April 8, 2021

“Go, go to Auschwitz. / Maybe you’ll get a few poems out of it. “